Produce what you need, when you need it.
No waste. No middlemen. No damage from shipping. Knudson’s framing machines roll frame and truss components to the exact length you need, giving you cost and time efficiencies and eliminating secondary processes on purchased components. With customized batches, cut lengths, patterning and multiple press tool options, no other machines give you this much flexibility and control.

Framemaker KS-2025

Our KS-2025 Drywall Stud Machine produces economically efficient studs with 1 ¼” flange heights. Track can be produced with a toe-in feature that allows the studs to be snapped into place in the track. Punched holes can be conveniently positioned in the studs to facilitate the installation of plumbing and electrical wiring.

Framemaker KS-1622

The KS-1622 is a strong, versatile, and fast machine.  It is able to form stud and track components in 10 different widths and 3 different heights at a speed of up to 75 feet per minute out of 22 to 16 gauge Steel.

Framemaker KS-1420

The KS-1420 is our heavy gauge stud and track machine.  It is able to form 10 profile widths and 2  heights of Stud and Track components out of 20 to 14 gauge steel at up to 60 feet per minute.


Download Our Brochure

Download Our Brochure