Knudson Launches New Web Site

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Ashley Boyden, public relations for Knudson, 303/455-7545

Broomfield, Colo., April 16, 2007 – With fifty years’ experience in innovative design, production and customer service of on-site and in-plant metal roll forming equipment, Knudson Mfg., Inc. launches a new Web site ( as part of its branding campaign that focuses on the products’ reliability, durability and toughness.

“At Knudson, we remain dedicated to our mission to design and build the world’s most reliable and dependable roll forming machines,” says Patrick Flood, Knudson Mfg., Inc. general manager. “At the same time, we’re continuously looking for new ways to connect with our customers and provide the best service possible – this Web site is one way to accomplish that goal.”

The new user-friendly Web site is designed to give customers greater, more immediate access to Knudson gutter, framing and roofing products. Additionally, the new site serves as a vehicle for customers to learn about Knudson’s custom-built machines, which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of progressive companies. The site also allows customers to contact a distributor and to request a quote online.

Knudson’s tradition of design innovation, quality production and legendary customer service began in 1957 when Knudson’s co-founder Arthur Knudson built what is believed to be the first on-site gutter-forming machine in his basement.

For the last fifty years, Knudson has consistently raised the bar for industry standards in the invention, production and service of roll forming machines. In the process, Knudson has been responsible for pioneering well over 100 machine designs and securing over 40 product and design patents. The company has plans to announce three new products this year.

About Knudson Mfg., Inc.
Founded in 1966 by Gary Knudson and his father Arthur, Knudson Mfg., Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing on-site, light-gauge roll forming equipment, including seamless gutter, steel framing and metal roof panel machines. Knudson developed one of the first seamless gutter machines and is also credited with introducing one of the first ever leaf-free gutter systems. To learn more about Knudson, please visit

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