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Gutter Machine Accessories


EL-2002 Elbow Machine

The EL-2002 lets you make downspout elbows in 45 to 60 seconds. This reasonably priced, manually-operated machine is fast and easy to operate.

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Multi-Width Coil Cradles

With a 400 lb. capacity, Coil Cradles eliminate loading spools and allow quick change for short coil. Multi-Width Coil Cradles are available with machine or floor mount.


Coil Saver Straps

The Coil Saver is the newest innovation in coil handling equipment. Made of durable, high strength urethane-coated fabric and featuring a specialized handle fastening system, Coil Saver Straps hold coils closed and protect the outer wrap from the floor, helping reduce scrap, load time, cleaning and maintenance.



Valley Flow Reducers

This innovative device keeps water from splashing over rain gutters during storms. Water slows as it runs over the SFR turbulators and then flows into the gutter rather than overshooting. The patented Valley Flow Reducer ends overflow problem spots without unsightly diverters.



Triple Uprights

Adding Triple Uprights to a gutter machine allows greater coil capacity, color and material options, while reducing material changeover time.


Run-Out Stands

Made of durable polyurethane yoke with a tripod head, Run-Out Stands support fully-formed gutters at a level height over uneven ground keeping long lengths of gutter straight during forming. One stand is recommended for every 15 feet of formed gutter.