About Us

With nearly 50 years experience under our belts, we’re one of the county’s most prominent manufacturers of on-site roll forming equipment. In fact, we produce the most dependable equipment of its kind. But we refuse to be content. We seek out room for improvement and the next model waiting to emerge.

Some say we’re relentless.
Well, so are the machines we build.

The history of Knudson Manufacturing
In 1957 Gary Knudson and his father, Arthur, began forging new ground in the on-site roll forming industry—right in their own garage. They designed and built one of the very first seamless gutter machines, and its design serves as an industry benchmark to this

Today there are more than 10,000 Knudson machines in operation all around the world. Some of those machines have been in operation for more than 30 years—a true testament to our proven craftsmanship and exceptional value. As a national leader in designing and manufacturing on-site, light-gauge roll forming equipment, we never stop pushing the envelope. Gary Knudson’s leadership is still the guiding force of our mission. And that mission is to ensure that we will always continue to produce the most dependable on-site roll forming machines found anywhere.

More than fifty years ago, Knudson developed its first metal roll forming machine and for the last half century, they have earned a reputation for building the most durable and reliable machines in the world.